HDPE geomembrane

Made from special virgin resin by blow film process.

1.Thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm 2.4m-9m in roll width, the length as client’ s request

1.Good flexibility
2.For service temperature range: -70°C— +110°C
3.Corrosion resistance, aging resistance
4.Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance property
5.High tensile strength and elongation

1.Municipal environmental projects , water conservancy projects
2.Landfill cap(closures), mining heap leach pads
3.Pond liner, canal linings, tank linings, raw water treatment reservoirs, retention ponds
4.Waste water treatment lagoon, secondary containment

Production standard:
1.G B/T17643-2011 2.CJ/T234-2006 3.GRI-GM13


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