Ceramic Filter

Used to remove impurities from molten metal in the casting process at foundries worldwide. Filters can be used with all types of cast irons, aluminum, and copper-based alloys, and are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and performance levels

Benefits of Flow-Rite FC Filters for Foundries

Cost effective

  • Effectively remove non-metallic inclusions in metal castings
  • Reduced turbulence in the metal stream decreases oxide formation and mold erosion
  • Reduced casting scrap rates and customer returns
  • Improved as-cast surface finish
  • Improved casting machinability and reduced tool wear
  • Highly optimized runner system for improved yield
  • Wide range of standard sizes
  • Custom sizes and configurations available


Unlike some filter types that have a random foam structure, the cellular structure of FlowRite filters is identical from one filter to the next, ensuring a high degree of consistency from pour to pour.


Metal casters worldwide rely on FlowRite Filters to remove impurities from cast irons, aluminum, and copper-based alloys. They are available in various cell diameters and configurations, covering a range from 10ppi/ 100csi to 30ppi/ 300csi, allowing the best filter to be selected for any given application.

The maximum recommended pouring temperature is 1470°C/ 2680°F and a maximum pouring time of 60 seconds is suggested.



It is recommended that the runner’s system choke, not the filter, limit the flow rate of the molten metal. The total usable filter area should be larger than the system choke.

Minimum Recommended Ratios:

3 to 1 for gray iron
4 to 1 for aluminum and copper-based alloys
5 to 1 for ductile iron

Flow rates and total flow capacity vary with metallostatic head, metal temperature, metal cleanliness, and metal composition.



FlowRite ceramic foundry filters are manufactured using an alumina-silicate composition, which offers an effective balance of refractoriness and affinity for adhesion of metallic oxide inclusions.


CoorsTek facilities are ISO certified and offer numerous capabilities to ensure your metal casting products are made to spec and delivered on time.

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