Clean breathing air the best basis for effective health prophylaxis:

The TAC V+ and its model variants guarantee clean, healthier room air wherever it is needed – for mobile or stationary infection control with scientifically proven effectiveness!

99 % of all infections occur indoors. Also in the future, even in post-COVID-19 times. Clean, unpolluted breathing air is therefore essential for a good room climate and elementary health preservation. This is where the High-performance air purifiers of the TAC series offer you, your employees, customers, clients, patients, and pupils a high level of protection against indirect infections by aerosol particles. The high-performance air purifier series around the TAC V+ was developed specifically for this purpose.

In addition to viruses and bacteria, the TAC V+ also reliably filters respirable and harmful particulate matter (e.g. caused by road traffic) as well as pollen from the room air. The effectiveness of the TAC room air cleaners has been confirmed in many scientific studies by leading national and international institutes.

Clean air is essential. But still, the air quality is a constant cause for alarm in many rooms.

Infectious viruses, bacteria, spores, mites and allergens plan an aerial assault on our health with every breath. But that’s not all, because every time you open doors or windows, it is not only fresh oxygen entering the room but also fine dust and pollen which are a burden for your body – not just since COVID hit. More than 99 % of airborne infections and allergic reactions have always occurred indoors. It was just never noticed to the extent that everyone is now becoming aware of in the pandemic.

Thanks to their unique cleaning performance, Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers such as the TAC V+ have been proven to effectively reduce the aerosol, virus, bacteria and pollutant load in the room air and significantly reduce the risk of indirect virus infection through aerosol particles.

It’s not without reason that Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers are recommended by numerous leading research societies and are used by top companies, in schools, ministries and healthcare facilities worldwide!

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