high performance thermal break casement window

Product advantages
• Hidden drainage design, anti-typhoon backlog, The exterior is more beautiful. Grid strips are connected by metal parts, Iron-free craft is more worry-free.
• Automotive grade new composite sealing strip, better sealing, window sash opening is easier and more convenient. The Glass sash adopts European standard groove, hardware of major brands are in generic.
• The inner and outer frame sash are flush, beautiful and generous. The glass sash position corresponds to the handle height space of
• 51mm, handle selection becomes more freely.
• The isotherm of the whole frame is a Vertical design. There are three seals in the open position,they separate the air-tight cavity and the water-tight cavity of the open sash, they have excellent capability and exterior.
• The overall arrangement of Glass sash, guardrail and sash is distinct, The exterior is simple and generous, the protective fence can be opened, it’s safe and beauty.
• The oblique pressure line is stereoscopic and fashionable (Three styles Optional), glue-free for crimping. Installation is safe, convenient, and easy to operate.




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