Glass Wool Rolls


Due to its water pushing feature, it does not allow water in and therefore stays dry.
In case of fire, the product’s being in category A which is fireproof is a very important advantage for fire security.
In case of exposure to heat and humidity, there will be no change in dimension.
It does not fall off in time, decay, get moldy, corrosion affected or oxidize.
It is not battered by bugs and microorganisms.
It is neither hygroscopic, nor capillary.

Glasswool Roof Blanket

It is not torn during application or reduces by wastage due to the specifications of the glasswool.
Easily adapts to any type of wood and metal roof.
Due to its being light, it can easily be taken to the roof and applied by cutting.
It is durable against acidity.
It decreases the fuel consumption of the buildings by a significant amount.

Glasswool Blanket

These are glasswool blankets of which one side is covered with vapor impermeable Aluminium foil.
It also acts as sound isolator as well as thermal isolator with its vibration conserving feature.
The Aluminium foil coat that the blanket of the air condition has the highest resistance to vapor permeability. Especially in the cooling systems, this coating of Aluminium foil is very important against the risk of corruption of insulation in time.
It allows easy and fast application with its self adhesive maintenance pins.

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