GlassWool Board Panels

Technical Specifications.

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient 0,040 W/mK
Density 12-24 kg/m3
Fire Classification TS

Areas of Usage

  • Behind radiators (decreases heat loss by heat transmission)
  • Thermal and sound insulation insides
  • Interior thermal and sound insulation of wooden houses


  • Due to its water pushing feature, it does not allow water in and therefore stays dry.
  • In case of fire, the product’s being in category A which is fireproof is a very important advantage for fire security.
  • In case of exposure to thermal and humidity, there will be no change in dimension.
  • It does not fall off in time, decay, get moldy, corrosion affected or oxidize.
  • It is not battered by bugs and microorganisms.
  • It is neither hygroscopic nor capillary.

Acoustic Specification

It has a very flexible structure with a special fiber structure and absorbs sound waves, preventing the transfer of the sound to the other side or reducing to very low levels.
The sound absorption coefficient according to the frequency “α Sabin”

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