24 Months Guarantee On All Flange Guards And Safety Spray Shields

Flange guards and spray shields are of paramount importance for industrial safety. Safety spray shields protect working staff from the spray out of corrosive liquids due to pipe joints, valve and flange failures by containing it. Therefore, reliability and quality are integral elements of any flange shield. All our safety spray shields have a free replacement guaranteed for 24 months against any manufacturing defects. We are the only manufacturers to issue hydro test certificates on demand.

PTFE Flange Guard & Spray Shield

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a nonflammable fluoropolymer. PTFE is completely inert to chemical attack making it appropriate for most processed liquids. In spite of properties like low dielectric, non stick, and high thermal resistance PTFE has low mechanical strength which is why acid spray shields of pure PTFE are not used. PTFE is coated on to fiberglass fabric which gives the PTFE coated fiberglass flange leak guard high mechanical strength.

PTFE Flange Guards Are Also Known As Acid & Chemical Flange Wraps Or Teflon (TFE) Flange Guards.

Our PTFE flange guards, pipe spray shields, and flange shields are manufactured using multiple layers of PTFE with an inner scrim inside. The inner scrim holds onto the flanges and keeps the guard secured. PTFE flange spray guards are stitched with military-grade Kevlar thread which is known for high strength and thermal stability. Most of the PTFE flange guard and safety shields that are available on the market are stitched with cotton or nylon thread which compromises the product’s safety. Braided PTFE coated ropes are used to secure the PTFE flange spray shields onto the flanges. The maximum operating temperature for these flange spray shields is 250 Celsius. These PTFE shields are also known as flange fire spray shields.

Using nylon or cotton ropes decreases the PTFE glass fiber cloth shield life and increase your products cost and maintenance. Velcro cutouts are used on opposite sides for fastening the guard. All our spray shields come with a Litmus leak indicating patch in case of a flange leak. This Litmus patch allows for early detection of leaks. The locking mechanism involves a Velcro fastener and drawstring, which allows the guard to be installed by one person.

PTFE flange guards and flange covers are exported by us to countries around the world. We keep our profits on the PTFE spray shield very nominal, and our quality is on par with, and at times better than, any flange shield available around the world. The right quality and price mix give us an edge over any other flange shield available in the world. The dimensions of our flange leak guards are sufficient to even cover flanges with flange isolation gaskets and lined pipes.

We are a specialized manufacturer and exporter of PTFE flange guards and safety flange spray shields. We export from India to China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Australia at very competitive prices. PTFE flange guards can be used in the most corrosive environment because of their high chemical resistance. PTFE flange guards can also withstand very high temperatures. PTFE flange guards are used in a variety of industries like chemical industry, fertilizer industry, etc. we are one of the leading manufacturers of PTFE flange guards in India.

Why are Flange Guards And Spray Shields used?

In any piping system, there are numerous joints and threaded fittings in the form of flanges, unions, T joints and elbows, sockets or expansion joints. Other than that, there is a lot of equipment like heat exchangers or pressurized valves installed to control the flow of service liquids. These joints are subject to heavy stress associated with mechanical vibration and wear due to the pressure that they are exposed to. This leads to joint failure, and toxic liquids can be sprayed onto unsuspecting workers and expensive equipment in the form of a violent splash of toxic chemicals. This has caused millions of critical injuries resulting in thousands of deaths. Flange safety spray shields are used to protect people and equipment from these catastrophic incidents. Various government regulations and insurance Requirements make it compulsory for industries to use flange guards.

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