High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is un-branched which makes it denser than other polyethylene. This structural difference gives thermoplastic HDPE more strength than other polyethylene.

HDPE – PP Flange Guards Have been designed with low pressure and temperatures in mind.These PP – HDPE Flange Guards and acid spray shields are widely sold because of their cost effectiveness. Even though we have made these flange guards cost effective due care has been taken that Indana flange guards perform in a superior manner compared to other PP and HDPE flange guards available in the industry.

The following characteristics make the product unchallenged in its market:

1.Minimum thickness higher than 1 mm-maximum varies depending on the pressure requirement. This is critical for a flange guard’s strength and ability to hold pressure. HDPE – PP flange guards that are below 1mm will not hold and disperse pressure properly.

2. 100% UV resistant HDPE – PP flange guards – polymers are subject to sunlight which releases ultraviolet radiation. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes the flange guard to crack. Premature cracking of the product will cause accidents as they are tightened against the flanges. Our flange guards are UV resistant which results in a longer lifetime for the shields and reduces your overall costs in terms of product cost, maintenance, handling, and safety.

3. Secured tightening: we take special care in manufacturing the fasteners for flange guards. If a fastener used to tighten an HDPE PP shield is loose, it will lead to the shield becoming ineffective and failing. The fasteners we use are secured tightly to the flange guard resulting in zero slippage of the guards from the flanges and effective functioning of the shield.

4. All our pipe flange guards are bar coded and marked for size and pressure. This results in effective fault finding and easy replacement in case of non-performance of the HDPE PP flange shield.

5. Reusable – If the flange leaks or fails the flange guard can be easily removed and after rectifying the problem the same shield can be reused. This can be done multiple times with the same shield.

We hold annual rate contracts with several companies for supply of HDPE PP flange guards. We strongly believe in long-lasting customer relationships and are committed to delivering quality at even better flange guard prices.

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