PVC Flange Guard & Spray Shields

We have seen that in a number of industries you require flange shields that can handle reasonable corrosion and limited temperature.

PVC is resistant to most of the commonly used acids, salts, and alkalis. These flange guards can be easily used at temperatures below 140 degrees Celsius and are dielectric constant.

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride has chlorine content which makes flange shields fire retardant. These shields also come in a transparent material that makes a visual inspection of flanges very easy.

PVC is safe for human contact and has been used in medical and food storage. PVC flange spray shields have a high degree of strength and what makes them particularly attractive is their affordability. As an organization we believe in safety for all and these shields are part of our range of affordable flange safety shields. These shields come with a standard Guarantee of 18 months.

Why are Flange Guards And Spray Shields used?

In any piping system, there are numerous joints and threaded fittings in the form of flanges, unions, T joints and elbows, sockets or expansion joints. Other than that, there is a lot of equipment like heat exchangers or pressurized valves installed to control the flow of service liquids. These joints are subject to heavy stress associated with mechanical vibration and wear due to the pressure that they are exposed to. This leads to joint failure, and toxic liquids can be sprayed onto unsuspecting workers and expensive equipment in the form of a violent splash of toxic chemicals. This has caused millions of critical injuries resulting in thousands of deaths. Flange safety spray shields are used to protect people and equipment from these catastrophic incidents. Various government regulations and insurance Requirements make it compulsory for industries to use flange guards.

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