SS 316 Flange Guards

Stainless Steel 316 flange guards have Molybdenum in them which enables them to resist corrosion caused by Chlorides. This is one of the most important reasons that SS316 flange shields and flange protector bands are used in highly corrosive environments, such as near sea shores for flange spray protection. SS316 shields are highly resistant to acid, solvents, chemicals and prevent metallic contamination of process liquids.

We are the only manufacturer of this type of SS316 flange safety shields in India. The design is critical to these pipe flange shields because these metal safety shields are used in highly corrosive, high temperature, and very high- pressure environments.

All Our SS 316 Flange Guards come with a multilayer stainless steel mesh to decelerate the pressure of the liquid effectively. Safe discharge of the process liquid is the objective of these flange spray shields as a small error can lead to catastrophic accidents in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

As SS316 flange guards and flange protector band are used in high-pressure environments, we have designed a secured double locking feature for the pipe flange shields giving it adequate safety. We test shields on our own testing rig to figure out any abnormalities arising out of design or manufacturing failures.

SS304 flange spray guards with nut and bolts are ornamental in nature and would lead to dangerous lateral spray outs. The safety of our manpower and equipment is important at all times, and this is the reason these SS316 flange guards and flange protector bands are used by industry stalwarts like TATA.

Why are Flange Guards And Spray Shields used?

In any piping system, there are numerous joints and threaded fittings in the form of flanges, unions, T joints and elbows, sockets or expansion joints. Other than that, there is a lot of equipment like heat exchangers or pressurized valves installed to control the flow of service liquids. These joints are subject to heavy stress associated with mechanical vibration and wear due to the pressure that they are exposed to. This leads to joint failure, and toxic liquids can be sprayed onto unsuspecting workers and expensive equipment in the form of a violent splash of toxic chemicals. This has caused millions of critical injuries resulting in thousands of deaths. Flange safety spray shields are used to protect people and equipment from these catastrophic incidents. Various government regulations and insurance Requirements make it compulsory for industries to use flange guards.

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